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Working Party on Nuclear Safety - Introduction

On 28 June 2004, the Council agreed conclusions on Nuclear Safety and Safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste (doc.10823/04), after long negotiations on Commission proposals for Council (Euratom) Directives setting out basic obligations and general principles on the safety of nuclear installations and on the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

These conclusions call for an “extensive consultation” with stakeholders before any instrument(s) in these fields are developed in the framework of the Euratom Treaty. According to the conclusions, a basis needs to be developed for the consultation process, in particular taking into account the work conducted by national nuclear regulatory authorities to reach harmonised safety approaches. 

On 3 December 2004 the Council Working Party on Atomic Questions agreed an Action Plan (doc. 15955/04) for following up on the Council conclusions. This Plan is divided into three main action areas: Safety of nuclear installations, Safety of the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, Financing of the decommissioning of nuclear installations and safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste. Three working groups have been established to carry out the tasks, studies and assessments pertaining to these areas.

Given the potentially large number of documents these working groups may have to review, it was thought useful to set up a dedicated web-site where relevant documents from and links to various sources as well as Council documents providing guidance to these groups can be found. This is the purpose of the present WPNS site.