Council minutes

Pursuant to Article 207 (3) of the TEC, when the Council is acting in its legislative capacity, the results and explanations of votes are made public. They are published as addenda to the draft Council minutes.

The minutes of a Council meeting themselves summarise the decisions taken and occasionally the content of the discussions held during that Council meeting. They may be made public upon request.

The minutes generally contain three points concerning each item on the agenda of a Council meeting:

  • indication of the documents submitted to the Council;
  • decisions taken or conclusions reached by the Council;
  • statements made by the Council and those whose entry has been requested by a member of the Council or the Commission.

Additional information on Council meetings can be found in the press releases issued by the General Secretariat after each Council meeting.

A monthly summary of Council acts can also be consulted. It lists legislative and non-legislative acts of the Council, including the results of votes, explanations of voting and statements for the minutes when the Council is acting in its capacity as legislator.

Information on the Council’s legislative transparency can be obtained by e-mail at the following address: "".